The tips of Samanta-the "Guinness Storehouse" of Dublin

I had some doubts about Ireland, it seemed to me a very Anglo-Saxon country and too close to England to have different traits and instead I remained shocked, I had to, with great pleasure, to rethink. Despite the obvious similarities for example climatic, as the climate is always cold and stiff and the sky mostly a gray constant with spessissime precipitation of minor, people are available, cozy, warm… they chat and you Entertain with pleasure and strive to comprehend even the worst English ever pronounced! And this not only in the shops or in the restaurant, but also on the street, when you ask for simple directions, I have to say that I had a wonderful surprise to meet a warm and helpful people.

Many places to visit, historical, fascinating and suggestive.

Among these has left in our memory an indelible mark the “Guinness Storehouse”.


The name literally means Guinness store. It is a seven-storey pint-shaped building that welcomes the Guinness museum, which was nothing more than the original factory from which, until a few decades ago, the containers were released with beer.
Obligatory premise to avoid disappointing the expectations of travellers, is to specify that it is a commercial structure, oriented to the knowledge of the brewing stages, a minimum of history of the company and the history of Advertising of the same. There is a beautiful Store with themed products, restaurants and bars… do not expect to visit a factory in the strict sense, with workers and machinery on the move!
Guinness is the most important brewery in the world and until a few years ago even the one that produced more beer.
The building is divided into 7 floors, the reception on the first floor is fascinating as it coincides with the point of return and is enlivened by the presence of the store, gadget Guiness of all types and forms. I recommend to rent (only €1) The audioguide that will explain, step by step, everything you see. The visit takes place starting from the ingredients, the same are shown inside huge tanks at hand: the malt, the hops, the yeast and the water.. It’s a good feeling to feel the smell and texture.
Of course, the process of production of beer, boiling, fermentation, maturation and mixing is traced, the typical amber colour is conferred by a special roasting process of barley, unique and inimitable.

We continue with the discovery of the “Coopers” artisans that inside the factory, after a long and careful training about 9 years, realized the barrels to contain the beer; Real Artists Carpenters!


It is very fascinating to discover that inside the factory they built a real railway network for the transport of goods and tools, to speed up the stages of production and the transport of beer for the marketing that took place First with the carriages, then by train by ship and finally in containers and with the most modern systems.
Guiness has always distinguished itself for the famous advertisements, which at the beginning of the century attracted the curiosity and attention of the consumers. A plan is dedicated to the exposition of products and advertising posters that trace the history, and going up you can still know the history, life and successes of the founder of Guiness: Sir Arthur Guinness who founded the factory in the far 1759 in the famous St. James’s Gate Brewery that bought for 999 years for only 45 pounds. After a wonderful tasting experience of the Guiness in which it is explained as Gustrla to the best (there reveal the method to leave to everyone the taste of discovery) is possible, if you wish, to try with the tapping of a pint.

In the last 2 floors you can taste, in the restaurants and in the bars present, a very good pint of Guiness. I recommend you sit at the Gravity bar only place from which you will enjoy a magnificent view of Dublin from above, at 360 degrees.

If you are on holiday in Dublin do not miss this visit, you will lose the opportunity to travel in time, to savor and enjoy a great pint and enjoy a fantastic view! 


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