Samanta’s tips-kitchen utensils

For the success of a dish it is essential that in the kitchen you use the utensils suitable for every type of food that we are going to cook. It is essential to have very clear what tools are really useful. We do not rely on products that are too “homemade” and commonly used as knives and pots that do not always reflect what are the real needs of use for the type of cooking we want to do; To cut each food properly, we should have a wide choice of knives so that we have the right one depending on the type of preparation we have to make. 
For example, the knife we need to cut and slice the meat, certainly can not be the same as we normally use in the kitchen or that we put on the table for meals… too many times I see that these are just those that are used for many Preparations! So also the knife that we need to fillet the fish rather than what we need to cut the vegetables, or the fruit. Know that, to prevent the salad from browning, the ideal would be to use a plastic knife that is easily found in stores and online store type Amazon. I give you some examples to be able to see/choose:

For the fruit, on the other hand, it is very convenient to use a paring, a shorter and sharper knife, suitable for delicate foods!

Besides the knives, which are fundamental to ensure that our food is well cleaned and portioned, there are other very important tools such as, for example, frying pans and casseroles: not all of these crockery are effective for all types of Preparation. Today I am very much in vogue the crockery with the bottom covered in stone. These, however, do not allow lens firings since, not holding much heat, they tend to quickly cook foods and therefore are not suitable for certain types of preparations that require slow cooking such as veals, stews, omelettes or to make Simply sauteed vegetables that have to be flavored slowly… then better to fold on the old is always reliable non-stick frying pan.

The correct choice of pots and pans is also very important. To cook the legumes I always recommend to use earthenware pots that hold a lot of heat and release it slowly giving to foods (not only legumes, of course, but also roasts, soups, soups, etc…) A truly unique and special flavor because They exalt all the aromas and the fragrances!

To prepare a fish broth or a broth of meat in a short time, it is very useful the pressure cooker that in a short time will allow you to obtain an optimum result holding all the odors and the juices in a hermetic way to obtain a broth that will be truement And an explosion of taste. 
I leave you some examples of products that you can find both in stores and on-line stores…


So, before buying a tool, think a few seconds about the real use that we will do to make a purchase aware that over time will give optimum results to our great satisfaction!

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