Interview with Antonio Di Marco, genuine manager

“Superfoods” are fruits, berries, seeds, roots, naturally nutrient-laden above the average of common foods, a full of vitamins in a word, a refill of natural energy. You have to be careful though, often these foods are mostly fashionable foods that promise miracles and that, in the end, have nutritional properties equal to cheaper products and popular… We must then rely on serious companies that make their work more a mission than a meager and meager trade of “novelty”. In the midst of this world made of alleged or real honesty, it stands out genuine. A company made mainly of people attentive to the welfare of the community that treats products from the declared properties. Chat then with Antonio, responsible for this project.

  • What is genuine?

Genuine is a tribe of conscious individuals who seeks to trigger a positive social change. We bring superfoods 100% pure, organic and ethically sustainable; The most nutritious food that inspires people to make the world a better place.

“Superfoods” are fruits, berries, seeds, roots, naturally nutrient-laden above the average of common foods. A real concentrate of wellbeing and health. Adding them to your diet is the most natural way to overcome periods of great physical and mental fatigue without having to resort to artificial supplements and remedies.

  • How was the idea born?

I heard for the first time of superfood in 2010, Brazil, where I was for a stage of percussionists on the occasion of the carnival of Salvador da Bahia. I was immediately conquered by the taste and natural energy of these powerful fruits and I began to imagine a project to make them known in Italy. My enthusiasm came on when I realized that my project could help to trigger a positive impact on the health of consumers and, at the same time, on the environment and socio-economic wellbeing of the rural communities that cultivate them.

  • What is your mission and values inspire you?

“We use” our products to inspire people to be healthy people. Not only in the body, since we offer natural supplements, but also in the spirit, to make a difference in our own world. We dream of a fair world, where the legitimate search for personal wellbeing is as important as the search for wellbeing for the planet and for others. This leads us to create only good products for health and for the planet, always putting the human being at the center.

  • How do you choose your suppliers?

All our suppliers must be certified Bio, must have establishments and processes certified according to EU standards, the most stringent in the world, and must give us guarantee of social responsibility: no children at work, a fair wage for the workers and, where Possible, they must invest in their communities for a more sustainable future.

  • Do your products all have a common denominator, as you have chosen which, among the many products on the market, include among your superfoods?

We periodically conduct surveys in order to intercept the main trends in progress and we compare with our customers to see if they are ready to accept the news. In any case, the final decision always moves from the possibility to create a partnership with a supplier that has all the requirements we seek.

  •   Besides selling on-line you also turn to physical stores?

We reach our consumers thanks to e-commerce, both through our website ( and through online platforms specialized in nutrition, health and well-being. At the same time, we are building a traditional distribution, selecting the best pharmacies, herbalists and Bio stores of Sicily.

  • What is your relationship with Social networks? Can I follow you on the main channels?

We manage a Facebook page in a completely organic way, but we have an important investment plan in digital marketing for next year. We want our brand to belong to people and we are aware that social media is breaking down geographic and demographic barriers, allowing people to connect and communicate and companies to innovate through collaboration with customers.

  • Where can we find your products?

Physical shops:

Pharmacy Dott. Aa Cute (PA)
Linne Herbalist ‘ Catanzaro
Pharmacy Palermo
Ancient Pharmacy Fair Palermo
Herbal medicine Galenus Palermo
Pharmacy LO Chaste Palermo
Herbal Medicine Elixir Palermo
Pharmacy STORE Health Palermo
SPORT & Nutrition Srl Palermo
Ancient Pharmacy Abdalla Palermo
The pharmacy of Menni Giovanni Palermo
Flower of Ginger Herbalist Palermo
STOP & GO Sports Club Srl Palermo
LUCRE’s BIO Trapani







We thank Antonio Di Marco for the availability and for the time he has dedicated to us. Now we wait for your comments and recipes to use these ingredients to the fullest. Fateceli See! Publish your photos on our Facebook page or on Twitter and Istagram using the hashtag #casacostantino!

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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