Apples to Brandy

If you, like me, have apples at home that you can't get away, you can try the preparation of this recipe that will allow you to turn your apples into a dessert. Excellent to accompany a piece of cake or to be used as a cake or a tart, these apples are easily usable for a preparation of pastry. From the sweet but decided taste will become a basic dish for your sweet cuddles. Let's see how to proceed.

Ingredients for 4 people:


Four Granny Smith apples
1 Glass of brandy
5 tablespoons sugar
6 cloves
1 Piece of fresh ginger
Star anise




We put the spices in a large enough frying pan and light on medium heat, let sprigionino all their perfume thanks to the roasting. Meanwhile, we wash, hair and dice the apples then trasferiamole in the pan and add two glasses of water letting it soften. As soon as they become soft and golden, add the brandy and let it fade.



Add the sugar and let caramel for 5 ' so we turn off the flame and let it rest.



As we said in the introduction, these apples are very ductile and lend themselves easily to accompany or be an integral part of a dessert. No one forbids you, if you like them, to use them as a meal end as they are, without other additions. Remember to keep them well covered in the fridge until you have to use them.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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