Rustic bread with dried tomatoes


Rustic bread with dried tomatoes

Bake the savory pies and cakes, the tarts and all the baking recipes on the stove? Of course you can!!!  Don’t you believe it? Well, we have prepared for you (and for us) an exquisite bread, crispy, fragrant, flavorful and perfumed using a cocooked directly on the gas cooker. Follow the procedure described below and you leccherete your mustache.

Ingredients for 4 people

500 grams of flour
1 bag of dehydrated mother’s pasta with yeast
10 grams of sugar
2 tablespoons E.V.O. oil
320 ml of lukewarm water
1 teaspoon salt
30 grams of dried tomato
1 sprig of rosemary


To prepare our rustic bread with dried tomatoes, we start by putting all the ingredients, except for the tomato, in a kneader or, if we mix by hand, stir the yeast to the flour, give the classic “Fontanel” shape and in the center we put the Sugar and oil, we start to amalgamate and add, a little at a time, the water and finally the salt. We work well the dough on a floured pastry for at least 10 ‘. Cut the dried tomato into pieces then widen the dough and versiamocelo it over. We continue to knead to mix well the tomato.

We form a ball, Incidiamola to the center forming a cross, then put it in a bowl previously greased with oil and cover with film. So we put our dough to rise in a warm place (I use the oven with the only light on). When its volume will be doubled or after about 2 hours, put our dough on the pastry and allarghiamolo gently starting from the center pushing the air outward and trying to give it a rectangular shape.

We fold our dough in two and then in four so we try again to give it a round shape and incidiamone, with the aid of a sharp knife, the surface.

Put it in the center of our 24 cm. Cocotta lightly brushed with E.V.O. oil, ungiamone the surface with the oil of the dried tomatoes then copriamolo with the lid and let rise again for another 2 hours. After the leavening time, our dough should have doubled its volume again. Cospargiamone the surface with a bit of rosemary then move the cobaked on the flame, over medium heat, for about 40. We check the baking scoperchiando the cocooked, the result should be a crispy, perfumed and fragrant bread.


A delightful variation can include the addition of black olives to the dough. We preserve the advanced bread in a paper bag, it will keep perfect in the fridge for a couple of days.

Now try to prepare this dish and let us see it! Publish your photos on our Facebook page or on Twitter and Istagram using the hashtag #casacostantino!

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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