Who am I

Every ingredient suggests me a dish, I like to always think how to transform the raw material that I have for my hands and rework it to present a tasty and beautiful reach.

My passion for cooking has very distant roots. From my grandfather I learned the rules of traditional Sicilian cuisine, a rich, baroque and tasty cuisine.

As a child I spent the summer in the countryside, among olive groves, vineyards and orchards lovingly cared for by my grandparents. There I learned about the genuine raw materials, those just picked up and brought to the table and cooked with the wood oven, the copper and aluminium pots that give the food an unmistakable taste: a flavour that tastes good, genuine and home.

With my blog I want to bring to the surface all these emotions and these flavors of memory but I want to confer also a character a little ' more modern and current to these dishes. I will try to revisit traditional recipes in a somewhat more modern capacity without sacrificing the traditional ingredients that compose them.

I also like to use ingredients considered, sometimes, "unusual" that have more international connotations. At the end of the day, what is the kitchen if not experimentation, innovation and research of taste…

I hope that all this can please you, that this will be my story and intrigue to such an extent to accompany me on this journey now so, I just have to wish you a good read.