Cornettini salted puffs of dough stuffed with bacon

Today we prepare something extremely simple, that does not require any effort, which can go well to accompany an aperitif or to be used as a tasty appetizer…

Ingredients for 4 people:

A roll of rectangular puff pastry
150 grams of talent
150 grams of sliced bacon
1 egg
Poppy seeds to taste

First we set the oven temperature to 190 ° and accendiamolo so that it can reach the desired temperature. Now let's start preparing our Cornettini. We open our pastry and tagliamola in two from the longest side so that we get two almost identical rectangles. From each rectangle we get six triangles. As you'll notice, the extreme parts will be irregular in shape, but gently pulling the right side, we can give it a shape as similar to that of our central triangles. Now put a slice of bacon at the base of each triangle and a piece of it on top of it. Now roll from the base towards the tip until you get the shape of the cornet. Remember to slightly fold the tips inward to have a nicer visual effect. do so with all the triangles of pastas at your disposal. When you have finished, brush each cornet with the egg whites and drop them on some poppy seed. We cover a baking sheet with wet paper and well wrung out and we do our cornettini well spaced between them as they swell in baking. Let's cook it for about 20 ' and anyway until the surface is well golden.
Tips for mise en place:

In this case also the presentation will be simple, just lay our cornettini on small wooden boards so you can place them in different points of the table.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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