Puff pastry with white chocolate cream and Nutella casting

Puff pastry with white chocolate cream and Nutella casting

What could be more tempting to end a meal with a sweet golosissimo? So why not prepare one that satisfies your eyes and palate? Today we will prepare a golosissimo dessert, a puff that satisfy all palates, even the most demanding. As usual, nothing extremely difficult, just a little ‘ patience..

Ingredients for 4 people:

1 roll of rectangular puff pastry
200 grams of white chocolate
3 tablespoons milk
250 grams of whipping cream
1 Vanilla Berry
Grain of hazelnuts, almond petals and Nutella for decoration


We spread the puff pastry and cut out 12 almost similar rectangles, place them on a baking sheet lined with wet paper and squeezed, bucherelliamo with the fork our rectangles and we supply, in hot oven, for 10 ‘ about 180 °. When our layers of the puff will be well golden, usciamoli from the oven and let them cool.

Let’s move on to the cream preparation. We place the chocolate, previously fragmented, together with the milk in a boule, open our vanilla berry, estraiamone the seeds and aggiungiamoli to the mixture. Let’s dissolve everything in Bagno Maria. As soon as our mixture is smooth and velvety, togliamolo from the heat and let it cool down. We mount, now, our cream and unite, gently and little at a time, chocolate turning carefully to prevent it disassemble. Try to incorporate it always turning in one direction. After this operation, we put everything in a sac a few and begin to compose our dish that then will be put in the fridge to compact for at least an hour before being served.

Tips for mise en place:

Put a little cream at the base of the plate to hold the first puff, having done this, let’s act on the first layer of puff pastry then, with the sac a few, we put a generous dose of cream, still a layer of puff pastry, one of cream and the last layer of puffer to CH Iudere the whole thing. We make some curls on the “roof” of our puff with the sac a few and one by his side. We drop the grain of hazelnuts to rain and put some petals in our curls. We complete the dish with a light pouring of Nutella on our puff pastry and on the curl we made on the plate. Small variation equally greedy, is the substitution of Nutella with maple syrup. We serve and guaranteed success…

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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