Expo 2015

We’re all taken from EXPO fever, let’s face it… who is curious, who would want to go there, who, like me, has gone… want or not want we can not help but hear some talk because of the TV, a little ‘ because of friends and acquaintances now is practically the subject of That everyone knows or knows nothing about. Well, that said, we can make a small account of the visit to the fair that attracts the attention of the world and I will write four hands with the help of my wife to have a more complete and objective opinion.

First of all, I would like to warn you that only one day of visit will be very little. We, with two, we couldn’t see everything… Given this we start from the logistical position. The fair is easily reached by Metro with special stops or, if you prefer to use the car, from the parking areas are provided free shuttles that will take you to the nearest entrance. If you are travelling with a child, know that the organization is almost excellent. You can rent a stroller (on-line) at no cost and the fair is full of stop points in order to make diaper changes. In the appropriate areas, you will find diapers, wipes and changing tables available to be able to refresh your baby. Only flaw in the hiring of the buggy, it concerns the point of delivery/return. There is a unique rental point for the whole area and is located at the entrance Triulza, if you enter from the other side you can not have the much-coveted stroller! Another small flaw is always about the entry stage with a child and specifically if your child does not pay the entrance to the fair because in the correct age group for the exemption, before entering you will have to make a ticket at zero cost in the ticket for the Child otherwise you risk queuing for the entrance and then see you send it back because they do not have this coupon. Another positive note is about the water. You do not need to buy it or bring water from home, the fair is full of fountains that dispense, free, smooth water and sparkling. For visitors with small offspring and stroller (type me), there is another advantage that, however, not all nations recognize or not all nations want to be family friend’s and that is that of the priority inputs. If you have a buggy they will skip the line and let you in right away to visit the stand.
We finally talk about the event in itself, the architecture of some pavilions is really remarkable and leaves breathless but, of course, it is not a fair of aesthetics but of content. Speaking of content, the question you need to ask yourself before you go to the EXPO is what it is and what you expect. Surely there is no gentleman who slices the vegetables and what makes you see how well the vacuum cleaner, we talk about power but also here you have to be clear. There are no multi-ethnic cooks who prepare delicacies in front of your eyes and explain how to replicate them at home, we talk about biodiversity, about what food, crops and foods in general are going, what countries are doing to this effect to avoid Waste and optimize productions.

Wanting a little extreme, it is a bit of an ideological and utopian fair. Of course there is also the commercial part, at the end of each pavilion you can taste the typical cuisine of the country visited comfortably seated at a restaurant and obviously for a fee.
First pavilion to visit to get a clearer idea of what the fair holds, is the famous Zero Pavilion. A beautiful experience, engaging and rich, among the most beautiful pavilions of the exhibition.
The pavilions are all different in terms of breadth and content, personalized according to the nations, which value what their country offers. Funny Brazil, with a trampled network suspended in a vacuum that attracts young and old, flashing the pavilion of the Sultan of Oman perhaps the most lavish of the exhibition. The Italian pavilion for us was the most engaging especially the hall of mirrors where we projected 20 “beauties” of our Italy… you feel surrounded by so much italic beauty both monuments and Paeseggi!!! Little meaningful, mere personal judgement, the American Pavilion, empty of contents, but with a terrace that allows you a beautiful view from above. The pavilion of Chile kidnaps you with a video very very suggestive for images and suoni…ma then nothing else, really particular the Austrian pavilion, is an outdoor pavilion in which a forest has been beautifully reproduced with vegetation and climate…. To see… and then the English pavilion with their campaign, the Spanish pavilion with many videos, the Russian Pavilion with ice cream for children and a restaurant that reproduces a restaurant wagon of other times and the French pavilion with video and an architecture Particular with many pots, accessories and bottles arranged from the roof down and their fabulous pastries of puffs and so much more to discover and to taste. Walking along the Great Boulevard (Decumanus) you realize how vast and imposing is the site Dell’Expo, an Italian realization to be proud of.
Suggestive the square of the Tree of life especially at sunset, not to be missed!
Last but not least, the avenue dedicated to Eatitaly, many temporary regional theme restaurants, each from the 20 Italian regions that offer a typical regional menu. On the upper floor an exhibition of works of art selected by Vittorio Sahu that is worth visiting.
One last consideration I want to reserve at the prices of meals. Someone will complain for what you pay but always remember to be at a fair and, notoriously, the prices are always a bit ‘ higher, forget the possibility to make a complete meal with 10 euros and to get up satiated as never from the table… even here Little Ch ICCA, at the generalist food outlets, there are highchairs available for children…

Now no more rumors or lucubrations, if you are interested, go to visit the Expo Milano World Exhibition 2015 and judge for yourselves. Then, upon your return, you will decide what kind of experience it has been.

Have a good trip!!!!!

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