The tips of Samanta-biscuits of San Martino


Hello friends readers, today I wanted to present you the biscuits of St. Martin.

Recently ended our summer of St. Martin… last flashes of hot sun, of days to live and taste to the bottom savoring the sea breeze.

On November 11th, it is the day that San Martino is celebrated in Palermo. It is customary to celebrate made with the biscuits of San Martino accompanied and drenched with an excellent wine liqueur, moscato or Zibibbo, as the tradition wants.
The Feast of St. Martin was considered the feast of the rich, who could afford to celebrate on a weekday, midweek, the rest of the population, on the other hand, awaited the end of the week and, only after having obtained the wages, could Dedicate a part to the purchase of the biscuits of St. Martin and the Zibibbo to celebrate.
The Sanmartinelli are round biscuits and Paciocchi, with a hard and brittle heart texture, flavoured with fennel seeds. Their taste is exalted soaked in Zibibbo or Moscato (both derived from Zibibbo grapes, from which you obtain sweet liqueur wines of high gradation, ideal to accompany cheeses and dried pastries). There are other versions, the most famous is the one drenched in the liquor to soften the texture then filled with ricotta cheese, the same cream of ricotta used to fill the cannoli Sicilian and the cassava: soft, velvety and with the chocolate drops.

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