Imperial Appetizer

I can't do it, she's stronger than me, I can't leave a place without buying anything… I went into the fish shop to get some mullets that I couldn't find, I could turn my heels and go away and instead? Let's see what we have then… maybe an appetizer with something that my wife likes… okay, let's do this, oysters, crabs and cuttlefish please… result? Textual words: "So you vices me though!" Okay, that's enough! Come on then, we quickly see how to bring to the table a starter that I liked to define "imperial", just very little and the result will be what you read before!

Ingredients for 4 people:

500 Grami of cuttlefish
8 Oysters
10 Crabs of various sizes
1 lemon
1 tablespoon of E.V.O. oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 Bunch of fresh parsley
1 glass of wine vinegar
Various flavors to taste

First we have to cook the crabs steam so we fill a pot of water, add the vinegar and aromas you have chosen (I put 2 teaspoons of curry, teaspoons of ginger powder, 1 chilli pepper, salt and a laurel leaf) and put it on Fire until it comes to a boil. At that point, we put the crabs on the steamer and Posizioniamola on the pot, lower the flame slightly and cover with a lid. We cook for about 15 ' (it all depends on the quantity and size of the crabs) until the crabs take a bright orange color. When they are ready, passiamoli under cold water to stop the cooking and prevent the meat scuociaing. Let's put them aside and prepare the cuttlefish. Put a non-stick pan on the fire and let it heat up on a brisk fire. As soon as it is hot, let us put on the cuttlefish that our fishmonger will have, very kindly, clean. We cook for 10 ' making them turn often, as soon as they will be of a beautiful pink color, turn off and we also put these aside. We prepare an emulsion with the lemon juice, a tablespoon of oil and a little salt, we grind the parsley finely and prepare to serve this choreographic appetizer.
Tips for mise en place:

On a large enough serving plate, we begin to put the oysters arranged in a circle on the outermost part of the dish. We take the crabs and we have the larger ones straddling the oysters and the smaller ones will use them to fill the spaces between the oysters. In the vacuum that we have in the center of the dish, we insert the cuttlefish. With a teaspoon we put the emulsion mainly on the cuttlefish and in less quantity on the rest of the plate. Grind a little fresh pepper all over the dish and finish with the chopped Patel. We serve and…

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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