Plumcake single portion Goji and chocolate

We have already talked about the properties and versatility of goji berries when we have prepared the salad berries of goji, avocado and shrimp and, therefore, I decided to underline its ductility by using it, this time, for the preparation of a dessert rich in Energy that, accompanied by a good coffee, help us to face the whole morning loads and revitalized by his talents and those of chocolate. Let’s see, at this point, the steps to proceed with the preparation of this concentrated energy.

Ingredients for 6 cupcakes:

300 grams of flour 00
1 sachet of powdered vanilla yeast
150 grams of sugar
125 ml yogurt (one jar)
120 grams of butter or 125 grams of E.V.O. oil
3 fresh eggs
A pinch of salt
50 grams of goji berries
50 grams of chocolate drops
1 Vanilla Berry
Milk to taste

The first thing to do, is to rehydrate the goji berries by placing them in a bowl and covering it flush with milk and leaving them in immersion for at least half an hour or, however, until their consistency is returned soft. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, insert the yogurt, the butter previously melted and the eggs at room temperature then, little at a time, incorporate with the help of a whip the flour. After this operation, we will do the same with the sugar and the sachet of yeast. When our mixture is smooth and homogeneous, we open the vanilla berry and preleviamone the seeds that we will add to the mixture together with salt, chocolate drops and goji berries including milk that will not have absorbed but that contains everything The aroma of the latter. Incorporate also have these ingredients with the help of a spatula this time, so we prepare the moulds. I used a Muffin mold to create single-portion cupcakes but, if you want, you can put the mixture directly into a mold to plumcake it and then cut it into slices. If opt for the same choice made by me, we cover each stencil with a paper oven previously wet and well wrung out then versiamoci inside our preparation filling almost to the brim each mould, we put still a few drops of Chocolate on each stencil and we supply, in oven preheated to 200 °, for 20 ‘ checking, from time to time cooking. When they are well golden on the surface, they will be ready then let them cool first for about ten minutes inside the oven open and then sforniamoli and let it cool naturally.
Tips for mise en place:

We release our plumcake from the moulds then priviamoli of the parchment paper that wraps them and place them on a plate in a circle. Brush the surface of each plumcake with maple syrup in order to make it shiny and even more greedy so we complete the whole with some goji berry to the natural on top of the cupcakes.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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