Beans to Bud Spencer-today's kitchen… our fond Reader!

I received this recipe from an affectionate reader who prefers to remain anonymous. I read it and I must say that it seemed so nice to me that I decided to post it as it was written, in everything and for everything. Judgemental you:

Due premise: The following recipe deviates from the usual method present in the blog, because you will not find precise indications of quantity or time. Everything is a little left to the eye of the person who will be in front of the stove to prepare this sumptuous meal. Moreover, this does not claim to be "the recipe" because in the unparalleled films of the couple Bud & Terence No one has rightly taken the trouble to rattle an official version of the dish. So after a full immersion between Trinity, Christmas barrel and other cults, as well as after careful checks among other enthusiasts of the sector (among whom I, modestly, I am) here declined my interpretation of the fantastic, fabulous and, be clear, Good beans to Bud Spencer!

____ _____ Ingredients for 2 people ____ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____

garlic, onion, celery to taste
Tomato pulp to taste
Sausage to taste
Chili pepper to taste just like
Venerabilissimi Beans beans to taste
A pinch of salt

____ _____… ___ _____… __ _____…… _ _____…



Let's start by chopping a little onion and a clove of garlic. Obviously already these elements only "to taste", because Bud and the other pioneers of the West did not follow a recipe but were rightly on the palate. Fry them in a frying pan with a little oil. Yes, but what frying pan? Unfortunately I am deprived of copper or aluminium pans, absolutely prohibited the ceramic pans or the wok, facing a beautiful padellona coated with Teflon. The so-called Stone is also fine. We put it all on a sweet fire. Let us remember that Bud baked his beans in a roaring fire of wood, at lower temperatures than a modern kitchen fueled by methane. So, I don't know if you have induction floors or ceramic glass but, of course if possible, I suggest the small fire of a normal gas cooker.

The time to put on the pan and start to cut in small pieces a little ' celery to be inserted in the sauté. Remember that the celery does not lose consistency, then cut the size that you will actually find in the final dish: the celery does not "melt" and also gives consistency to the mouthful. At this point, when the Onion has become golden, put a generous amount of tomato pulp. I understand that even in this circumstance the question is subjective, personally I have included the amount of a whole "can" of pulp.


We turn everything with… yes, with what? Do you want to use a nice ultra sanitized silicone scoop? Uh, no. I do not know how but I am sure that the result would certainly be penalized. To mix and amalgamate all the ingredients properly, it serves a beautiful wooden spoon, of the retro ones, possibly. With long handle to turn the whole without danger of scalding.
Well well well, we're already good. Now a little sausage can be inserted previously deprived of its gut and made to coarse pieces. The scents of our preparation begin to be felt powerfully but still lacking the addition of our "Venerabilissimi" beans beans. But I'm sure you don't need to remember that. At this point, instead, we insert a piece of chili. Personally I put the one in the picture, everything, including the seeds that are then the most spicy part. Put even a pinch of salt.
And finally we have to perform the gesture that makes us immerse in the old West and makes us find ourselves with our imagination among the canyons of Arizona, immediately after escaping an ambush of the Native Americans in the narrow gorges of a river now drained : We open our tin of beans beans already boiled, we drain it completely and pour out the residual content in our Padellona. Of course we could buy beans to put in the water the night before and then cook them at the time but, my personal opinion, I am reasonably sure that this was not the most used method at the time. So go for the boiled bean can. We continue to turn the whole thing with our trusty wooden spoon and in the end we will have something very similar to our finished dish. Obviously the more you cook, the more the "sauce" will shrink and the less chance we will have to make our whirling shoes of bread. So let's say that as soon as the texture reached will be the one desired, as soon as the ingredients are all well mixed and cooked, here we can put out the fire and enjoy the fruit of our culinary work.


_____ Tips for the mise-_____-___-___-__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____
What do you say, we look for a very nice and particular dish where to put our beans? Or we put them in a tureen and then allow our diners to take a portion? Be careful how you answered these questions, because the only way to eat the beans at Bud Spencer is directly from the frying pan! With a single "spoon", represented by pieces of bread separated by hand by a regrind of half a kilo bought for that purpose. and drink? Wine. Red obviously. We have consumed the whole pan in two and believe me, in the end we lacked the blade of grass in the mouth, the hat in front of the eyes and hands crossed behind the head to rest lying in the shadow of a horse, to feel an integral part of the old West. Thanks to Bud and Terence for this inspiration.
Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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