Cannoli of Parmesan cheese


Cannoli of Parmesan cheese

Ideas for an appetizer of effect and full of taste? Here’s one! A beautiful, creamy and exquisite cannoli salty. It is realized in a very short time and without effort and success will be assured. Few ingredients mixed together and all complemented by the excellent jam of melon and spicy peach with Prosecco Nonna Concetta that allows you to bring back to the memory, the appearance of delicious Sicilian sweets Cannoli giving the idea of orange zest Present candy on them. Let’s see what we need to prepare.

 Ingredients for 4 people 


50 grams of Parmesan
100 grams of sweet Gorgonzola
50 grams of growth
1 Pear
Melon Jam and spicy peach with prosecco Grandma Concetta to taste

To prepare our cannoli of Parmesan, we must, first of all, grate the cheese. Put on the fire, to the minimum, a non-stick pan then spargiamoci over a first handful of cheese. Raccogliamolo everything to the center and let it melt and compact. Let’s leave the frying pan from the fire so that the parmesan is cold slightly then alziamone a flap and Togliamolo, Giriamolo and put it back on the fire, always at a minimum for a few more seconds so that it is gilded also on the other side. Just ready, move the pan again, wait a couple of seconds then detach the waffle and avvolgiamola on the mold taking care to put the parts in contact downwards so that they balance well (if you do not have a mold for cannoli, you can Take the toilet paper roll, cut it by the length, tighten it and stop it with Scotch then line it with foil so that you have a nice disposable mold ready. We repeat the operations for the other cannoli.

In a boule we put the Gorgonzola and Iniziamolo to work with a fork until it has become a cream so add the growth and continue to work with the fork until the cheeses have blended well between them. We wash the pear, Asciughiamola and tagliamone half to small cubes then agenda to the cream cheese. Stir and prepare to stuff the cannoli.

Tips for the mise

We take a waffle of cannoli and fill with the stuffing that we have prepared, we do it slightly decentered on a plate of slate that will highlight the colors of our cannoli then complete the cannoli with the jam of melon and spicy peach to Prosecco Nonna Concetta from side to side and a few strands of chives. We place, beside each cannoli, some pieces of pear made from the advanced half and some leaves of basil.

Now try to prepare this dish and let us see it! Publish your photos on our Facebook page or on Twitter and Istagram using the hashtag #casacostantino!

Enjoy your meal!!!!!


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