The Grill


The Grill

Who does not know what a carbonara? He doesn’t need any introduction. A Roman speciality envied and copied all over the world but often with errors that make the purists horrified. If you ask the Lazio what are the ingredients that must be used, you will surely be told that there must be nothing different from bacon, eggs and pecorino Romano with a detail, however, the egg must be creamy and not a “omelette”. Respecting the Roman cuisine and the historical ingredients that make up this dish, this version does not in any way distort the original recipe of this delicacy. The creamy egg, the taste of pecorino and the flavor of the pillow have been combined with a fresh homemade egg Pasta for an explosion of flavors absolutely to try. Let’s see how to proceed.


 Ingredients for 4 people

250 grams of egg Pasta
50 grams of pillow
4 fresh eggs
3 tablespoons milk
4 tablespoons of Pecorino Romano
Pepper to taste


We prepare our ravioli with carbonara from the pillow. Tagliamolo in cubes and put in a cold pan, light the flame, keep it to the minimum and let it brown. As soon as it becomes crispy, we turn off and Trasferiamolo on a sheet of absorbent paper. Asciughiamolo for good so as to eliminate any residue of grease.

Put the pillow in a chopper and mix until you get a powder that we will put aside. We take the egg Pasta prepared earlier and Stendiamola until you get a veil practically transparent so we do it over a yolk.

We cover with another sheet of pasta and seal the outlines around the egg for good. We pair to give shape and dip the ravioli in boiling and salted water for 2 ‘. Let’s repeat the steps for the other ravioli.

In the meantime, we prepare the Roman pecorino cream. Put the milk and cheese in a saucepan, light the flame and put it to the minimum and stir continuously until the cheese is completely melted and we will have a smooth and velvety cream. We drain the ravioli with the help of a skimmer and asciughiamoli with absorbent paper.
We’re ready for the impiattamento. 


Tips for the mise

At the center of the plate we arrange a ravioli, versiamoci on top of a little cream of pecorino, we pepper with some ground pepper at the moment and complete with the powder of bacon. 

Now try to prepare this dish and let us see it! Publish your photos on our Facebook page or on Twitter and Istagram using the hashtag #casacostantino!

Enjoy your meal!!!!!


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