Cream of curried potatoes with grilled octopus at soy sauce

Yesterday, taking advantage of the first day of spring, I, my son and my wife took a walk and going from our fish market of confidence, we looked at a nice fresh octopus and then we thought, why not take it? Said Done! At this point there is no lack of thinking how to prepare… I decided to revise, in a modern way, a classic recipe ie octopus and potatoes and the result is that in photos.

Ingredients for 4 people:


1 Octopus of about 1 Kg
800 grams of potatoes
400 ml vegetable broth
1 leek
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
1.5 teaspoons of curry

Salt to taste
Sweet Paprika to taste
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Fresh Thyme for decoration

Cut the leek into the washers and let it wither together with the oil in a pan, in low heat, for about ten minutes. In the meantime cut the potatoes into cubes and add them to the leek, cover everything with salted vegetable broth and combine the curry. Cook for half an hour checking, from time to time, the cooking of the potatoes.
As our cream cooks, we prepare the octopus. Put a pot full of water on the fire and bring to the boil. Salt it, take the octopus and soak three times the tentacles only in the boiling water then, dip it completely and let it cook for 10-15 '. After that you have to put out the fire and let our shellfish rest for about twenty minutes in the cooking water.
Potatoes should be ready now. Let's take an immersion blender and create our own cream.
We drain the octopus, tagliamone the tentacles, put on the fire a frying pan and soon it will be hot, Grigliamoli for 3-4 ' per side after dusting with a little ' paprika. As soon as they are ready, spegnamo the fire and combine the soy sauce. Let it evaporate and the tentacles absorb it so get ready for serve.
Tips for mise en place:
With a ladle put the potato cream (about a ladle and a half a plate) at the base of the dish, lay the tentacles on the cream, take the thyme and put some chabikwa around the plate, a drizzle of oil raw on the octopus, a few drops over each sprig of thyme And the dish is served.
Enjoy your meal!!!!!


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