Potato croquettes and sole for healthy and strong children


We know, the children can not like some foods that, instead, we want to eat because healthy. My son, for example, you want for the flavor, you want for the texture that has, often and willingly does not want to eat fish and even if administered with a little ' bread, in the mouth can make a selection so accurate as to send the sender only the fish and keep the PA That's why I've been experimenting with a way to make this healthy food magic. I must say that these cupcakes have been such a success, that I could not be exempt from the redoing to my little and from the propose.


2 Fresh Sole
200 grams of potatoes
The crumb of 1/2 bun (better if of raw flour and not white)
1/4 Glass of milk
Breadcrumbs and extra virgin olive oil to taste

Let's boil the potatoes and, if we have the chance, to steam the sole, vice versa, add them to the potatoes and boil. Meanwhile, we put in a bowl the crumb of the bread to soak with milk and put it aside. We do not cook too much fish otherwise it will be dry and hard we try, instead, to leave it soft and juicy. Once ready, we clean the soles and remove the thorns, sbricioliamone the pulp and adding it to the bread. We drain the potatoes, priviamole of the skin and put these in the boule too. Schiacciamole helping with a fork then we mix all the ingredients together until we have a fairly homogeneous compound. We take a little dough and work with the hands to make it compact then Schiacciamolo and Arrotondiamolo until it has taken the form of a patty. We do this until we finish all the dough. Put the breadcrumbs in a dish and let our croquettes taking care to bread them on all sides. Lay the croquettes so finished in a baking pan, we put on a drizzle of oil and we supply, in oven preheated to 200 °, for 20 ' about and anyway until they have done the crust on both sides taking care to turn them spent half the time of cooking. Bake, let's cool down a bit and serve.

You can replace sole with cod and follow the same procedure. If the mixture is too soft, you can add breadcrumbs to the dough that will absorb the moisture.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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