The councils of Samanta-Mandrarossa Rosé-Cantine Settesoli


After having prepared and savored many dishes, to have tried to realize the best combinations of raw materials and aromas to assure to the dishes a harmonious result, #casacostantino also engages in the advice of the wines to be combined with the dishes and, starting From the cabbage rolls that I have presented to you, I would like to present to you the precious Mandrarossa rosé of the precious Settesoli winery, a combination that at a glance can leave perplexed, that is a rosé wine, a type of wine not well known, but that is Conquering a slice of connoisseurs and consumers who slowly discover the characteristics and scents of his own, although it is imperative to specify that rosé is a method of production, not a wine.

Basically rosé has characteristics more like a white: it must be served fresh (at a temperature of 10-12 °), has a strong acidity, is drunk young, has an alcoholic degree between 12.5% and 13.5% and being the rosé wines obtained by short maceration are More structured and with more complex scents.

All these qualities make it a wine suitable to drink as an aperitif or with fish appetizers, pasta and delicate risottos, even white meats, like our cabbage wrap, or some delicate sausages, but the rosé is perfectly fine with the whole meal, the rosé is very versatile and it Adatt A to all dishes.
To you the characteristics of the splendid Mandrarossa Rosé:

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