Zucchini Rolls sea bass and king prawns on avocado cream and teriyaki sauce-today's kitchen… Emanuele

Let's introduce the recipe to Emanuele who had an original idea to prepare a fake sushi yummy. 
Being a great fan of Japanese cuisine, I often try to make Oriental-inspired recipes, with contaminations of local ingredients and flavors, and today's dish is the fruit of these ideas.

____ _____ Ingredients for 2 people ____ ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____


1 Genoese zucchini
2 medium size bass
8 King Prawns
1 Avocado
5 tablespoons of teriyaki sauce
1 teaspoon of potato starch
E.V.O. oil, salt and pepper to taste


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To prepare the rolls of zucchini sea bass and prawns, we must, first of all, fillet the 2 bass. From each you will get 2 fillets which in turn will be sliced in half for the thickness, in order to obtain in total 8 thin slices of sea bass. Alternatively, leave it to your fishmonger. 
With the help of a mandolin adjusted to the minimum thickness, cut the zucchini into long slices and put them aside. 
Peel the prawns and deprive them of gut and put these aside too. 
Finally, it is necessary to thicken slightly the teriyaki sauce (now found in many supermarkets). Put in a saucepan a teaspoon of potato starch and a spoonful of sauce and stir until it melts everything, then add the remaining 4 tablespoons of sauce and bring everything to a boil stirring with a whip, once thickened put aside to Cool.

To form rolls can help a bamboo mat to make sushi, but it is not strictly necessary. Place a sheet of food film on the worktop, then take 6 slices of zucchini (the coarsest) and arrange one next to the other accavallandole slightly, in order to form a continuous surface. Above the zucchini you have 4 fillets of sea bass and to follow 4 prawns in a row, salted and peppered. 

Start now to lift the film on one side trying to roll the zucchini with the sea bass around the shrimp.
When you have rolled the whole thing, close the film to Candy. For safety, add another layer of film and tie the ends with kitchen string so that it does not open when cooking. Proceed in the same way to get the second roll. 
Bring to a boil a large pot full of water then insert the rolls and cook for 10 '. Meanwhile peel the avocado, pour the pulp into a container together with oil and salt and reduce in cream with a blender. 
After the indicated time, the fish will be cooked, then remove the rolls and transfer them to a cut after having deprived them of the film. If you have a kitchen torch you can burn the surface in order to make it crisp, then with a knife made of slices about 2 cm wide.

_____ Tips for the mise-_____-___-___-__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____

Pour the avocado cream on the plate and form a strip with the back of a spoon, then lay over the rolls and complete with a splash of teriyaki sauce.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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