otherwise sandwich

Who said that a sandwich should always start and end with a slice of bread? Today we will prepare a sandwich on the contrary, with the excellent bread PEMA integral to the 8 cereals that is the heart of the sandwich and the speck that wrap it completely. By doing so, we will have a crispy outside and a soft heart, thanks also to the bread that remains fresh during storage. Merit of the careful and slow processing that PEMA puts in the preparation of its products. Now let's see together how to prepare, in very few passages, this pleasure for the palate.

Ingredients for 4 people:

8 slices of wholemeal PEMA bread with 8 cereals

100 grams of smoked Provola
150 grams of Speck
Pesto and onion jam to taste


We put two slices of bread aside and on the other place a slice of provola, an abundant teaspoon of pesto and one of onion marmalade. Impiliamo three slices of bread on top of each other and close with one of the slices held aside. We repeat the same procedure with the remaining remaining slices of bread. On a chopping board we place as many slices of speck as you need to cover the base of the sandwich, taking care to accavallarle slightly on each other so as not to leave uncovered spaces. Chiudiamole on the bread, Rigiriamolo upside down and repeat the operation with the speck in order to have, in the end, the bread completely wrapped in speck without free space. We repeat the operation on the other sandwich. If the salami tended to slip away, let's stop it with four toothpicks at the corners. We put a frying pan on fire and, when it is hot, we put on the first sandwich. We cook four minutes per side so as to compact the speck and melt the cheese inside. We also prepare the other sandwich then Togliamoli from the fire and Poggiamoli on the chopping board. We divide in two each sandwich cutting diagonally. We can serve.
Tips for mise en place:

We position each sandwich on the side of a saucer and complete with a few arugula leaves and a sprig of currant.

We serve well warm and good appetite!!!!!

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