Last week I was at dinner with friends and in addition to the pleasant evening spent a little ' to chat and a little ' to chase my son who ran away to the right and missing, I made a lot of fresh basil and just as well as rocket. Having these products so fresh, I could not resist using them immediately and so, just awake, I immediately prepared with basil a quick fast pesto and, with arugula, a salad and an appetizer (which I will publish later). The pesto is, for me, a very ductile sauce and I like to use it not only as a condiment of pasta, but also in different dishes. Later on we will see some examples… Now let's see how I prepare my pesto that differs a little from the original recipe Genovese.


100 grams of fresh basil
50 grams of Pecorino Romano
30 grams of almonds
1 clove of garlic
150 grams of E.V.O. oil
Salt to taste

Gently wash the basil leaves and let them dry on a clean towel. When they are well dry, put them in a mixer together with cheese, almonds and garlic clove. We all finely grind then add the oil and salt. Let the sauce be thoroughly emulsified until all the ingredients are well blended.

The variants are not a few for example, you can also use walnuts in place or in addition to almonds, you can replace the pecorino cheese with parmesan or opt for a mix of the two, the original recipe would foresee the potato that you can decide whether to add, if you Like a spicy touch, you can add some fresh chili and finally, if you want to give a different shade to your pesto, you can add a tomato… let free rein to the imagination, the recipes exist to be personalized and not followed To the letter, they must serve as inspiration. 
Importantly, when you keep the pesto in the jars, remember to cover it completely with oil and to store it in the fridge.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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