Soutè of clams and clams

In my opinion, the best way to taste the seafood and enjoy the taste and freshness, is to eat them as natural as possible. In this perspective, after having passed from my fishmonger of confidence and hoarded clams and CLAMSS, I am ready to prepare, with your help, a soutè with these wonderful seafood. Simple and quick recipe, you will have no excuse not to try it. Let's see what we need.

____ _____ Ingredients for 4 people _____-__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____


1.5 Kg of Seafood
250 grams of peeled tomato
1 bunch of fresh parsley
2 cloves of garlic
1 Glass of white wine
Spicy Paprika and E.V.O. oil Taste

____ _____… ___ _____… __ _____…… _ _____…



As usual when we treat seafood, before starting to prepare, Controlliamoli. If they have the broken shell or sbattendole on a plane we see come out abundant black sand, scartiamole. 
Let them drain in water and salt, if possible, for at least half a day then laviamole under running water, inside a colander, until the water is clean. Done that we can begin. 
In a large enough pot, put two tablespoons of oil and the cloves of garlic skinned and crushed. Let them brown to fresh flame and Togliamoli just made. We put the clams and the clams, we raise the flame to the maximum and smudge with the wine, add the paprika, mix then copriamole with a lid and let them cook a few minutes.



As soon as they begin to open, add the peeled and chopped parsley, cover and cook 5 ' then we fix salt and paprika and prepare to serve.
_____ Tips for the mise-_____-___-___-__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____

We put the seafood in a dish bottom, add a little ' sauce then cospargiamoli of fresh parsley. We decorate with a few slices of toast.

We serve well warm and good appetite!!!!!

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