Fregola Sarda clams, pesto and almonds

The Fregola is one of the oldest typical Sardinian pasta that takes shape wetting with water the semolina contained in an earthenware container and subjecting it, with your hands, to a circular movement until you get small balls of pasta of irregular shape. The small balls are then roasted in the oven to confer the browning and the characteristic flavor. The House of the grain, always attentive to the preparation of its products in respect of the tradition, produces a fregola that is wrinkled and porous, suitable to absorb perfumes and flavors of the ingredients used for the preparation. Being Sardinia a land of sea and mountains, I decided to use this combination combining the clams with pesto and sprinkling all with chopped almonds. Let's see how to prepare.

Ingredients for 4 people:


400 grams of Fregola Sarda de La Casa del Corn
1 clove of garlic
2 tablespoons pesto
800 grams of Clams
1 tablespoon of E.V.O. oil
1 tablespoon of shelled almonds


Before we start, let's check the clams. If they have the broken shell or sbattendole on a plane we see come out abundant black sand, scartiamole. Now laviamole under running water, inside a colander, until they stop throwing sand. And the water will be clean. Done that we can begin. In a sauté we put a tablespoon of oil and the clove of garlic skinned and crushed. Let's fry it with sweet flame and Togliamoli just done. We put the clams, we raise the flame to the maximum and smudge with the wine then copriamole with a lid and let them cook a few minutes or the time necessary for them to open all.


As soon as the clams are ready, get from the sauté and let's leave the bottom in the pan. We cook the Sardinian fregola of the House of wheat in abundant salted water but for half the cooking time expected. In the meantime we light the flame in the sauté and reduce the water of the clams a little.


With the help of a knife we chop the almonds coarsely and put aside. We drain the fregola and keep some water aside. Dump in the sauté and we continue cooking there. Meanwhile, we shell the clams and keep some for the final decoration. We check the cooking of the pasta and, if necessary, add cooking water.


As soon as it's al dente, add the clams and pesto and let's do it. We blow to amalgamate the ingredients well and prepare for the impiattamento.

Tips for mise en place:


Put a coppapasta in the center of the dish, fill with the Fregola Sarda de la Casa del Corn then complete with some clams, remove the Coppapasta add a little ' almonds and a leaves of basil to finish our composition..

We serve well warm and good appetite!!!!!

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