Sponge Cake without yeast

The sponge cake is the basis of all the cakes, from the simplest to the most complex but can be consumed even as it is. Simple and fast This recipe will allow you to prepare the base of your works of art in no time. A sponge cake of quality and without yeast, compact and perfect to allow, to your imagination, to indulge without brakes. Head chef hat and oven on, we start to prepare this delicious food!



7 Eggs at room temperature
180 grams sugar
180 grams flour 0
30 grams potato starch
1/2 Vanilla Cue





We put the whole eggs in a food processor or, with the help of an electric whip, in a large bowl we add the sugar and mount until we get a swollen and compact compound. We sift the flour with the starch, add the seeds of the vanilla stick and Incorporiamola, little at a time to the mounted eggs.


We bathe and fine-fit a sheet of parchment paper and cover a cake pan, possibly 22 cm, then versiamoci inside the dough. We beat the baking tin on the table to remove the air bubbles and bake, in preheated oven, 160 °c for 35 ' approx. Just bake, bake and let it cool down before using it.



As we said at the beginning, the sponge cake is essential for the preparation of the cakes, be they of high pastry and housewives. In this regard, if we want to prepare a casareccia and fast cake for a delicious snack, just take our sponge, moisten it with a bath consisting of 1/3 of water, 1/3 of milk and 1/3 of brandy and sprinkle the surface with apples to brandy , some chopped almond flakes at the moment and chocolate chips. We complete the decoration with a couple of mint leaves in the center of our express cake.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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