Samanta’s advice-Choose the flours

Today starts a new column: “Samanta’s advice”. My wife also wants to make her contribution to the blog and help it grow by enriching it with useful information and advice. A rubric of her own and edited directly by her that will always provide you with interesting ideas. Today we talk about flours, we read his advice together.

Dear friends today instead of publishing a recipe and dedicating myself to the kitchen I would like to tell you about a choice that for some time my husband and I have undertaken. Since the birth of our baby we have posed the problem of feeding it in a healthy and balanced and not only avoiding to feed them to snack industrial confectionery but also thinking of the choice of the healthiest ingredients. And that’s why we started to inform ourselves so that the small and not only, we too, could feed us in the healthiest way.

A first simple step is to choose bakery products with organic ingredients, the supermarket is now widespread biscuits, cakes, flour, bread sticks of certified companies that use biological raw materials. We also try to avoid to the maximum foods too sugary, as long as we can avoid them to the small will be all of gained… of course as soon as he grows up he will decide.
In our research we have stumbled upon the choice of cereals. Reading and informing we discovered that the refined flours are obtained using only the endosperm of the seed; So they are private both of the fibers, and of most of the mineral salts, nutrients important for the organism. With the refining process you get a very silky and light flour, able to be preserved for a long time, but very poor of nutrients and too rich in sugars, its habitual use involves an increase in the rate of blood glucose and a greater accumulation of Fat deposits. In such industrialized or western societies, the consumption of refined flours is used. And, even if we don’t need to eat only whole grains for our well-being, especially if you follow a diet rich in fruit and vegetables already rich in fiber, the rule of common sense suggests to vary the daily foods based on cereals and to introduce at least the Half of integrals. Fibre-rich wholemeal flours that increase the sense of satiety and facilitate intestinal transit, reduce the absorption of fats and cholesterol, reduce the absorption of carcinogens and the risk of developing tumor masses. We always check to take true wholemeal flour this is fundamental. Why precise true wholemeal flours? Because wholemeal flour is often obtained from type 0 flour, which is added to a minimum quantity of bran previously refined, therefore without nutrients. It is, therefore, doubly processed products but sold as healthier. To recognize the wholemeal flours, the colour of the bread must be dark and homogeneous and the consistency compact. Also I suggest you try to make bread at home with possibly organic flours ground in stone that do not alter the nutritional intake!
I recommend to try both pasta and wholemeal bread with various condiments and gradually you’il you to the most full-bodied and robust taste of intgrali flours until you prefer them to the white flour that will result in time even sciapa, thus surpassing the Preconception that the whole meal alters the taste of the dishes.

So try to believe (CIT.)

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