The tips of Samanta-History of the Oranges

I have the good fortune to work in a dynamic, technological and confusing environment but, the real luck, is to share my workday with 30 wonderful people with whom we also honor the festivities that during the year follow each other, toasting and Grabbing panettone, Pandora rather than the dove or the Muffolette of the dead.
We also have another beautiful tradition that we respect for a few years to this part and that is celebrating the day of Saint Lucia on December 13th. In fact, in Palermo, on this day, it commemorates the end of the famine of 1646 when, just on the day of Saint Lucia, arrived in port a ship loaded with cereals. Since then, to commemorate this miracle attributed to the saint, on this day in Palermo do not eat starchy (mainly pasta and bread). On this occasion in the Palermo houses the classic orange and Panelle are prepared. But in Palermo is celebrated rather “the Orange DAY” also known as “SANTA Arancia” or the famous ball of rice filled and fried. On December 13th the Palermo can not miss the appointment with the Orange, must respect the tradition avours one or more. The rotisseries prepare for the event many days before preparing thousands for not being found unprepared. Many Palermo prefer to honor the homemade orange, more genuine, prepared with the favorite condiments, proud of their family tradition.

We specify that Sicily is divided into two factions relative to the name and shape of the oranges. In eastern Sicily, it is called Orange, has a rounded shape at the base and ends in tip. For western Sicily, the Orange is female and as such rounded, voluptuous and shapely. In the counters of our rotisseries are found oranges with different and imaginative tastes, but those with the meat, the classic round, and the butter, the oval par excellence, are the oranges par excellence, the classics that will never pass in fashion.
For Orangery to the meat we mean the one with the heart of ragout, so much minced meat gravy and peas that can not miss. The butter, on the other hand, is stuffed with mozzarella ham and a veil of Besciamelle. But as I said, we have many tastes and variants even the most unlikely: spinach, salmon, tuna, kebab, sausage, pork, mortadella, vegetarian etc. But what unites all kinds of orange, it is the explosion of taste that at the first bite give off, fragrant and perfumed have the golden and full-bodied bread, the flavors of rice and condiment mix harmoniously… try to describe the pleasure of eating An orange… but, in fact, it is much but much more! It’s really good!
Try to believe (CIT.)

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