Iudisco at Wellington

Someone storcerà the nose as in the case of the priest's hat to pink pepper which, originally, would foresee the fillet but I assure you that trying new cuts is not absurd, they are still tasty, tender and perfect for our recipes. Cimentiamoci, then, with the battle Horse of Gordon Ramsay revised in the only cut of meat used. You'll see that the result will be just as tasty and of sure effect.

Ingredients for 4 people:

1 Kg of Iudisco of calf in single piece
400 grams of mushrooms
150 grams of Parma raw
1 Roll of puff pastry
1 egg
Salt and coarse, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and mustard to taste


We climb and we pepper the meat massaging to make adhere and absorb the spices. In A large enough pan, we heat the oil so we take our Iudisco and Sigilliamolo on all sides. Beware, it must not cook but it must only create a small crust on the whole surface in such a way that the juices released during cooking in the oven can remain inside the meat. After this operation we remove the Iudisco from the fire and Spennelliamolo completely with the mustard (I prefer the one in grains but you can use the classic mustard quietly) and let it rest. Meanwhile we take the mushrooms, puliamoli and triceps with a mixer. We take the mixture so obtained and put it on the fire turning often. We must make it lose all its moisture and become dry. We lay a sheet of film on which Adageremo so many slices of raw as they need to cover all the meat, spalmiamociing over our cream of mushrooms, which in the meantime has cooled, then we lay the meat last and center. Helping us with the film rolled the whole thing and we sting well so that our Wellington is well compact. We give everything a nice shape to candy and we put to rest in the fridge for 30 '. We spread the dough on a sheet of film, we go out from the fridge our candy, priviamola of the film and we do it in the center of the dough. As before rolled the whole eliminating the excess puff and tighten it for good. We put it back in the fridge for 15-20 ' so that the Wellington will be compact. Light the oven and Preriscaldiamo at 200 °. Let's get out of the fridge the Wellington, Priviamolo of the film, brush with egg yolk, put the coarse salt on the surface of the dough and incidiamola slightly, for example, in the shape of an ear. We supply for 30 ' about and anyway until the dough will not be well golden. As soon as it is cooked, togliamolo from the oven and let it cool down a few minutes so that the juices in the middle of the meat are redistributed, then cut some high slices a little more than a finger.

We can bring it to the table.
Tips for mise en place:

We can serve our Wellington on a wooden chopping board leaving half full and half sliced. We will make as many slices as our diners. We can accompany the meat with a thyme-flavored mash served in a bowl so that each takes the quantity you want.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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