Vanilla whipped cream with orange-scented caramel

The whipped cream, a fresh dessert and among the best known among the spoons. Not at all complicated, it will allow you to conclude a meal of any entity with absolute lightness. There is always a bit of room for a panna cotta, I assure you, Word of gluttony!

For cooked cream
Ingredients for 4 people:

500 ml of fresh cream
2 sheets and 1/2 of fish glue
1 Vanilla Berry
120 grams of icing sugar

For Caramel


200 grams of sugar
100 ml of water
Rind and a few drops of juice of an untreated orange


Rimbocchiamoci the sleeves and start by making the panna cotta. First we have to soak the fish glue in cold water, meanwhile we put the cream in a saucepan and trasferiamola on the fire in low flame. Add a little at a time the icing sugar and help with a whip to amalgamate the mixture well. We open the vanilla berry and preleviamone the seeds, Aggiungiamoli to our cream together with the pod which we then eliminate and stir. As soon as it is hot, we turn off the fire, remove the vanilla pod and add the well squeezed fish glue and continue to stir with our whip to prevent lumps forming. Let cool our cream so we move in the stencils that we will put in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Now we can prepare the orange caramel. In a pan with high edges we heat the sugar that should not be stirred to low flame. In another saucepan we heat the water with the grated peel of an untreated orange and a few drops of its juice until it reaches the boil.
When the sugar has caramelized and has reached the classic amber color of caramel sauce, add the water to the boil and stir quickly. Pay close attention to this step because when the water touches the sugar, because of the temperature difference, it will splash a bit so protect your hands… Remove from the heat and keep stirring a little more then let the sauce cool down. It does not need storage in the fridge, you can safely pour it into a container to leave it out.
Now we can serve.
Tips for mise en place:

In A saucer We put one of our panna cotta and ricopriamola with a generous amount of caramel sauce letting it slip on the plate. Let’s take a leaves of mint and posizioniamocela on it. Plate ready.


At the café:
Replace 100 ml of cream with as many ml of espresso, garnish with 50 gr of melting chocolate melted in a bain-marie with 2 tablespoons of milk, two Kumquat (Chinese mandarins) in syrup, cut into slices and some coffee beans. We lay the cooked cream on a crumbly biscuit to create the right mix of textures and serve.

To strawberries:
We fill each stencil with one/two strawberries cut into small cubes before pouring into the cream.
We decorate with a coulis of strawberries obtained by cooking, with a sweet flame, 250 grams of strawberries cut to chunks together with a tablespoon of cane sugar and the juice of a lemon, in a frying pan for 5-6 ‘ until we get a creamy mixture and color Ros I know on.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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