Omelette not fried for toddlers

It is not good to make children eat fries, even if it is an omelet that, as the name suggests, can not avoid from it… how to solve then? Is there a way to let the children eat the egg and prepare it with a pinch of extra taste? Well, the answer is as simple as the tool that Useremo…ci wants a good non-stick and the game is done!!! The children will seem to eat like the big ones but with the lightness that is due…

Ingredients for 1 omelette:

1 fresh Egg
1 teaspoon of E.V.O. oil
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons of Parmigiano Reggiano
1 tablespoon of spreadable cheese

In a bowl We break the egg, add the milk, oil and parmesan and whisk, with the help of a fork, all the ingredients until they are blended well. We put on the fire a low-stick pan with flame so versiamoci inside the omelette and cover with a lid making it go for 3 ' about. After this time, we the omelette and controlliamone the cooking and, if necessary, let, making it jump directly from the frying pan otherwise with the help of the lid and cook 2 more ' on the other side always with low flame and with Cover. We verify that the omelette is ready and we do so on a plate. Spalmiamoci over the spoon of cream cheese, rolled on itself and Tagliamola to Rondelline. Serve.

Cook with low heat and with lid, it will allow you to prepare a soft and high omelette, this trick also applies to the classic omelettes, try it!
It would be preferable, as far as possible, to dedicate a pan only and exclusively to the cooking of omelettes, the results will be always better as we proceed with the preparations

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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