Pancakes   You have 10 ‘, a boule and a whip? Great, then we can try to prepare a famous American pancake, the pancake. Excellent both for an energetic breakfast and for a greedy snack, can be enriched with fruit, creams or, if you prefer, can also be consumed in…

The Crepes

A memory of the youth of the Summers Post diploma, is that of the evenings between friends spent laughing and joking. During those evenings could not miss something to eat. Normally we opted for the rotisserie, the croissants or for some dishes to the height of our culinary skills: garlic…

Poached goose egg with asparagus, cream of grana and Raspadura

Do you want a quick idea for an effect starter but from the easy realization? Well, then you’re in the right place! Today we cimenteremo with a recipe easy and excellent, beautiful to see and with a particular ingredient, the goose egg. They are not easy to find, it is…

Crust cream of salmon avocado and quail eggs

We continue with the series of tasty and elegant appetizers useful for the dinners of the next festivity. Fresh ideas, practical, fast and, above all, tasty. Today we will join together unusual ingredients but that I assure you they marry very well and leave a pleasant taste in the mouth….

Egg cloud

Fed up with the usual fried egg? How about trying something particularly soft like a cloud? Let’s change the rules and try to prepare an egg under a new guise! Delicate, soft, creamy and greedy, just enough to make you appreciate this dish very easy to achieve but certainly successful….