Pappardelle rich sausage and spinach

Today we will prepare a dish with a sturdy taste, trying to exalt the taste of each ingredient. After being dedicated mainly to delicate dishes, I think it's time to give a lash of taste with first not very light but that will not leave you feelings of guilt…

Ingredients for 4 people:

450 grams of Pappardelle rich
300 grams of sausage
5 Bunches of fresh spinach
2 cloves of garlic
1 small Chili Fresh
1/2 glass of dry white wine
100 grams of grated Caciocavallo
Salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil to taste

In a frying pan fry the garlic together with the chili, in the meantime we wash our spinach. As soon as the garlic begins to brown, put the spinach in a pan and let it wither by turning it from time to time. While the spinach cooks, dedicate the sausage. Engrave the gut and Togliamolo and cut the pulp to chunks. As soon as the spinach is reduced by volume, we will be able to brown the sausage. Make it color on all sides so smudge with wine. Let the alcohol evaporate, fix salt and begin to cook the pasta. We follow the cooking instructions present on the package. We put about 60 gr The Caciocavallo in a small bowl and add a little ' of cooking water, stir well and try to obtain a consistency similar to that of the cream of the kitchen. Heat a pan and poggiamoci over a coppapasta, with a spoon we lay on the bottom of the same a little ' grated cheese that will immediately become a crisp waffle that we put aside for the final decoration. We drain the pasta al dente and put it in a pan with the condiment. Let's blow up and flavor well. Add our fake cream and stir for good. We pepper and fix salt So let's prepare to serve.
Tips for mise en place:

We place on the center of the plate our pasta rolled, add a little ' of seasoning that we will put mainly on the top of the pasta, we take the waffle of Caciocavallo and Inseriamola straight to Mo of sail. A sprinkling of pepper, a drizzle of raw oil and we can bring to the table.

We serve well warm and good appetite!!!!!

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