Wholemeal Spaghetti with Sparacellis

A typical dish of Sicilian cuisine, is the pasta with the Sparacelli. Traditionally belonging to the poor kitchen as well as the pasta with the Tenerumi, is a dish certainly healthy prepared with simple ingredients but that, if rediscovered, can give taste to those who taste it. It's officially started autumn so we have to take advantage of the products that the Earth gives us in these months. A little homemade tomato sauce, will help us to give sweetness to this dish and with the whole pasta we add an added lace of naturalness. Let's see how to prepare it in a few steps.

Ingredients for 4 people:


450 grams of wholemeal spaghetti
1 clove of garlic
3 Fillets of salted anchovies
3 Decks of Sparacelli
300 ml of tomato sauce date
Salt and oil E.V.O. Q. b


We wash the sparacelli carefully and tagliamone coarsely the tops, we retrieve the smaller leaves and hold and tagliamole in strips so we put everything in a pot large enough and fill of water. Let's boil them for 40 and on the fire. In a sauté, we put to brown a clove of skinned and crushed garlic. As soon as it has taken color, we remove the sauté from the fire, we raise the garlic and let the anchovies dissolve.



Put the pan back on the heat and add the tomato sauce date and let's Simmons. After the cooking time of the Sparacelli, Scoliamoli leaving the water in the pot and Buttiamoli in the sauté. In the cooking water of the Sparacelli, we bake the spaghetti, with a tablespoon of salt, for the time indicated in the package.



We cook the condiment for 10 ' about and anyway until it is shrunk, we fix salt then we drain the pasta and let it cream for a minute in the sauté. Serve.



We can complete the dish with a sprinkling of grated caciocavallo or, alternatively, with toasted breadcrumbs in a pan. You can replace the tomato sauce date with tomato paste, in this case the flavor will be more decided so beware of the amount of salt used in the preparations.

We serve well warm and good appetite!!!!!

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