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I like to experiment and vary in the kitchen. The monotony I do not like and change a little ' the classic recipes without, for this, to twist them, is another thing that distinguishes me. This time I targeted a classic Sicilian cuisine, the pasta to the norm and I decided to give it a little more modern and light cut. The eggplants, rather than fried as the tradition wants, were not only baked but, in large part, have been "transformed" into sauce and added to the dish. Small changes as you can see but give a little more verve to the dish. Let's see how to change this classic together.

Ingredients for 4 people:


400 grams of large nests
2 Long eggplants
400 ml of tomato sauce date
Salted ricotta to taste
Salt and oil E.V.O. Q. b


With a fork Bucherelliamo the eggplants on all the surface so that they cook thanks to their own humidity, then put them in a baking pan lined with parchment paper and inforniamole, pre-heated oven, for 45 ' at 200 °. After the set time, they should be wrinkled and soft to the touch then sforniamole and let them cool down a few minutes. In the meantime we heat our tomato sauce date with a drizzle of E.V.O. oil.



As the sauce is cooked, we cut the eggplant into two and tagliamone away the tip that should be more consistent and put aside. With the help of a spoon, empty the eggplant and put the pulp in a container put aside. We take the tips we had put aside and tagliamole in cubes so let's put half in the sauce that in the meantime will be restricted and we cook for another 5 '. We cook the dough nests in abundant salt water for the time indicated in the package.



We take the eggplant pulp and add a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of oil and two ladles of cooking water of the pasta and, with the help of a blender dipping, mix all the way to obtain a cream smooth and slightly dense. We drain the pasta and add half of the tomato sauce date, add half of the eggplant sauce and amalgamiamo the whole. We're ready to serve.

Tips for mise en place:


Let's start by putting on the plate a base of sauce eggplant then rolled on a kitchen pliers a socket of pasta and adagiamocela above. We continue the composition with a ladle of tomato sauce.

We take some dice of eggplant that we had kept aside and put it over the tomato sauce, grate a generous amount of salted ricotta and complete with a few leaves of basil and a drizzle of oil raw.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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