Wafel with ice cream and berries

Let’s start by saying that the cause of this dish, is a gift that was made to me. If I hadn’t had a wafelliera, I probably never thought I’d prepare them. That said, I present to you a sweet with a particular taste. I personally am not a connoisseur of Spanish ice cream but I believed in this pairing and I can assure you that it really has succeeded. You should eat uno…ma not resist and you will surely take another…

Ingredients for 8 waffles:

150 grams of flour 00
5 grams of yeast
A pinch of salt
35 grams of icing sugar
50 grams of butter
1 egg
250 ml of milk

Ingredients to garnish the waffles:

400 grams of berries
1 tablespoon sugar
Cream Spray (not worth to fit a pack of cream, it really takes a little)
1 pan of Spanish taste ice cream
Grain of hazelnuts to taste

Mix the flour and the yeast in a boule, add salt, sugar and previously melted butter. We continue to stir and add the egg. We dilute, little at a time, our compound with milk. We continue to amalgamate the mixture until it is smooth and uniform. The result should be similar to a dense batter. Let us rest for at least an hour before we cook our Wafel. In the meantime, we prepare our sauce of berries. In a non-stick frying pan, we put our berries together with sugar, low heat, and let them release their juice and then turn off the flame. It will take a maximum of 5 ‘ to be ready. If you have a wafelliera, it’s time to use it otherwise it will be fine a frying pan. Of course, our Wafel will not have the classic shape to grate, but also smooth will be equally tasty. Put a ladle of compost in our frying pan and cook for 4-5 ‘ turning it just below will be golden. Let’s get ready for serve.
Tips for mise en place:
We place our Wafel on one side of the saucer, spolverizziamo with the icing sugar, on the other side of the plate we lay a ball of ice cream and next to it a creamy curl. From the center of the Wafel, we lay a first spoon of berries and then put a second that falls on the saucer. Add a little ‘ sauce and complete the dish with the grain of hazelnuts that we drop on the cream and berries.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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