Salmon Sandwich Pineapple and stracchino with pink pepper

Often you can not eat in the traditional way, especially in the office and then you opt for the consumption of a panino…ma why give up the taste? A sandwich can still be a rich meal of taste that blends sweet and savory and different textures to perfection. In A word, a gourmet sandwich! This is the case with this successful experiment that I highly recommend you try at home too!

Ingredients for 4 people:

4 cereal sandwiches (or homemade rustic bread)
100 grams of rocket
6 slices of pineapple
250 grams of smoked salmon
2 lemons
250 grams of Stracchino
2 teaspoons of pink pepper

We cut the sandwiches in two and start preparing the rocket base. Let's act on three half slices of pineapple, then continue with the slices of salmon topped with three slices of lemon. We complete the sandwich with a generous amount of stracchino and sprinkle with the pink pepper berries. If consumed at home, we also prepare pineapple chips by cutting strips of slices of pineapple to be served together with the sandwich all accompanied by a good glass of fresh beer.
Tips for mise en place:

If consumed at home, the sandwich can be quietly reclined on the small oval tray in the palm of the Eco Bio shopping perfect for the presentation of our reach and accompanied by the Havana fried door of the eco Shopping filled with chips of pineapple and Completed by the two-pronged sticker fork that will give you a feeling of practicality and comfort but always in full respect of the natural and genuine flavors that you can only have in contact with nature!!!!

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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