Salty Salmon Cheesecake

Who said that what is born as a dessert must remain so? Just change some ingredients and here is that a cheesecake turns from sweet to salty with a result that you do not expect. So let's prepare this appetizer with the help of smoked salmon and prepare to make a good figure.

Ingredients for 4 people:

30 grams of butter
60 grams crackers
300 grams of ricotta cheese
200 grams of Robiola
100 grams of spreadable cheese
A pack of smoked salmon
Red lumpfish eggs for decoration
Mint for decoration
Pepper to taste
Chives Q. b


We start by creating the base of our cheesecake by chopping the crackers to reduce them to dust and melting the butter, at this point incorporate the butter to the crackers and we mix well the mixture. Help with Coppapasta that we will use as stencils for our savory cakes, and with a spoon distibuiamo well the mixture on the bottom making sure that it is well compact, smooth and homogeneous. Put in the fridge and dedicate to the cream. In a boule, we work with a whip the cheeses until they are well amalgamated with each other, we mince with a knife the salmon keeping aside four strips that we servirnno for the decoration, and add to the cheeses. We grind the chives and add this too. Amalgamiamo all right. As soon as we are satisfied with the consistency of the cream, we will emerge from the fridge our bases and fill the coppapasta up to the edge. So we put everything in the fridge for a couple of hours and remember to remove the Coppapasta before serving.

Tips for mise en place:
The main council, in this case, concerns first of all the preparation. The best thing to do is to place the Coppapasta directly on the serving plate so, when we remove our stencils, we will not have to move the cupcakes from one plate to another and avoid that they can be ruined. Having said that, rolled the strips of salmon kept aside and pieghiamone the edge towards the side so as to give the salmon the shape of a rose. We act on one side of the cheesecake by completing our salmon flower with mint leaves on the sides of the same.  With the eggs of lumpfish we make a small quenelle and act in front of the rose. We bring our serving dish to the table and…

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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