Eggs Benedict

A typical English breakfast provides a rich dose of energy that helps the Anglo-Saxon to face their hectic day. In this perspective, they start the most important meal of the day, for example, with eggs Benedict. Definitely a dish with a high energy content but that we Italians would hardly be able to eat in the morning… not wanting to give up to taste this course, we can turn it into a single dish or second dish. We have seen, in recent days, how to prepare some basic ingredients to allow the composition of this dish (English muffin and hollandaise sauce), we also have a technique for cooking the egg used in a recipe almost a year ago ( Because eggs) and let's get ready to taste this energy bomb.

____ _____ Ingredients for 4 people _____-__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____


4 eggs
4 English Muffins
100 grams of Speck
150 grams of smoked salmon
A few strands of chives
Dutch sauce to taste
Salt, pepper and E.V.O. oil Taste


____ _____… ___ _____… __ _____…… _ _____…


We begin the preparation of our recipe, using a technique that we have already got to use when we prepared because eggs. We cover a small bowl with film then Ungiamola with a little oil and rompiamoci inside the egg. We climb and pepper so we close the film clasping in tip. Put a pot full of water on the fire and let the water start to Simmons. Just ready, dive inside the eggs and let them cook for 3 '. Then get from the water, liberiamole from the film and act on absorbent paper so as to dry the excess water.



Let's heat a drizzle of oil on a non-stick frying pan, then cut the muffins in two and toast. Just ready, we can prepare to compose our dish.
_____ Tips for the mise-_____-___-___-__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____

On a plate we lay the muffins. Lay over one half of the slices of bacon and on the other of the slices of smoked salmon. We continue with the eggs and we finish with spoons of Dutch sauce to cover the whole. A sprinkling of ground pepper at the moment and chopped chives will complete the dish.

We serve lukewarm and good appetite!!!!!

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