Appetizer Finger

Yesterday we saw how to prepare a cool soft Mojito to face these days of hot asphyxiating. What do you say, then, to accompany this cool cocktail with easy and easy fingers that will still give you a mouthful of pure taste? Beware though, do not overdo it, remember that we are in the detox period!!!! 😉

Ingredients for 3 finger:

3 Crackers
3 teaspoons of ricotta cheese
1 Slice of tomato
2 anchovies under salt
1 teaspoon of soy sprouts
1 Leaf of Lattughino
1/2 Olive
3 Red Tropea Onion Rings
1 sprig of fresh oregano


Smear the ricotta on the crackers then take the first and act on 1/2 slice of tomato then an onion ring and complete with a rose of anchovy and 1/2 sprig of oregano inside the ring. On the second cracker, we put the leaf of lattughino over the ricotta then the second onion ring, a tomato cube and the teaspoon of buds always enclosed inside the ring. We finish with the third cracker on which we will put the half-olive that we will contain in the last ring of onion, a cube of tomato and a rose of anchovy concluding with 1/2 sprig of oregano.

We repeat the preparation for as many finger as we want to bring in accompaniment to the prepared mojitos.

Tips for mise en place:

We place each cracker on a magazine of a saucer to be fingered by three portions and Presentiamolo on the table.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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