Buffalo mozzarella with watermelon and raw

The heat continues and the search for fresh dishes and that does not clutter continues. So what to invent in order not to give up these characteristics and, above all, to taste? This is what gave birth to my mind even though, to tell the truth, in the original idea the watermelon had to be a cantaloupe but, in this period, are not sweet and are also a little ' harder to find… I must say that the watermelon behaves just as well and the freshness on the palate is assured! We prepare together this appetizer to share with friends.

Ingredients for 4 people:

1 buffalo mozzarella Bell from 500 grams
100 grams of Parma raw
6 cherry tomatoes
1 Slice of watermelon
1 handful of rocket
E.V.O. oil, pepper and oregano to taste

To create our basket, cut a slice of mozzarella about 1 cm high and, with the help of a knife, empty the remaining so that you have enough space to insert the other ingredients. Cut into cubes all the mozzarella that we removed and put it aside. We wash and cut into four cherry tomatoes and put them aside. With the help of an excavation, we get some balls from our watermelon slice and prepare to assemble our dish.
Tips for mise en place:

At the base of the plate we put the arugula on which adageremo our basket that we will start to fill with the slices of raw that must be folded outward. Put all the ham, we start to stuff with the cubes of mozzarella and the balls of watermelon until we pass the edge of the basket. We put the cloves of cherry around the mozzarella and complete the dish with a ground of fresh pepper, a sprinkling of oregano, a drizzle of raw oil and a leaves of fresh basil on the top of the plate.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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