Smoked salmon cucumber and pink grapefruit

Dear friends, we have a little ' fugitive, it is true, but between birthdays and weddings at home we spent very little time and we could not prepare Niente…ci remake immediately with a starter as fresh as tasty. We will prepare it in the blink of an eye as there is nothing to cook and bring a colorful and tasty dish on the table. Let's start now!

Ingredients for 4 people:

300 grams of smoked salmon
1 Pink Grapefruit
1 cucumber
3 tablespoons sour cream
3 teaspoons of mustard
1 teaspoon of E.V.O. oil
A few strands of chives
1 pinch of fresh parsley
Milk and salt to taste
3 teaspoons of pink pepper

Preparation takes very little time. Let's start by cutting the salmon in strips and putting it aside. We peel and deprive of the skin that covers them, the wedges of grapefruit then cut me into three parts and put these aside too. We wash the cucumber, priviamolo of a good part of the peel and, with the help of a peeler, we get from the longest part, thin slices. Let's prepare the sauce now. In A small bowl we put the sour cream, we grind parsley and chives and add to the cream, adding the teaspoon of oil, salt and, little at a time, the milk emulsifiing until the sauce does not have a consistency not too liquid, must be Slightly dense. We crush the grains of pink pepper and prepare to assemble the plate.
Tips for mise en place:

We place in the center of the dish a coppapasta that we will serve as guide. We start by filling the bottom with the salmon, then fold the slices of cucumber so as to create a little ' of movement and we do it over the fish. We take the grapefruit and fill the spaces trying to develop the dish in height. With the help of a teaspoon, we drop a little sauce over our composition and the drops all around the coppapasta. We do the same with the mustard and complete the dish with the pink pepper grains that we put both around and above the appetizer. We remove the Coppapasta and serve.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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