scalded mullet on mango sauce and lime with crumble of PEMA bread

Dear friends, how about preparing a fast appetizer, tasty and absolutely chic? Do not worry, nothing complicated or that requires high-cuisine passages from chefs sailed… just a little and you will make a really good figure! All the less common ingredients are readily available at the supermarket so don't lose heart and start preparing our dish!!!!

Ingredients for 4 people:

1 Kg of Mullet
1 Mango
1 files
2 teaspoons of E.V.O. oil
2 slices of wholemeal PEMA bread with 8 cereals
Salt and pepper to taste

I would say that, before starting, it would be the case to fillet the red mullets to the fishmonger so as to be able to take advantage of thread without thorns and perfect to present. Now we can prepare the sauce. We wash and peel the mango, tagliamolo it into cubes and put it in a container. Let's add the lime juice and start, with a dipping blender, to create our own cream. Add a little at a time the oil to emulsify the sauce. As soon as it's smooth and velvety, it'il be ready. Let's put it aside and prepare the mullets. Put on the fire a frying pan with a drizzle of oil and let heat, climb and pepper our fillets and let them brown in the pan, on the side of the skin, for 2-3 ' (depending on the size of the thread) then Rigiriamole and cook For another minute. We finish cooking all the fillets so let's put them aside. Spezzettiamo the slices of PEMA bread roughly and put them in the same frying pan that we used to cook the fish. Let's toast 2 ' and get ready to compose the dish.
Tips for mise en place:

We put a tablespoon of mango sauce on the plate and, with a firm movement, we drag the same in order to obtain a teardrop shape. In the vacuum of the strip of sauce, lay a fillet of mullet and complete the plate with a tablespoon of crumble of PEMA bread, a couple of slices of mango and a sprig of currant.

We serve well warm and good appetite!!!!!

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