Tabulè of bulgur and vegetables

The summer is the time of the salads of rice and pasta, couscous and tabulè and all those courses that we can define fresh. And then we also prepare a nice tabulè, fresh and light, in a few minutes and with fresh ingredients, also good for a lunch in the office so as to avoid the Abbiocco post-lunch that would make us less productive…

Ingredients for 4 people:

300 grams of Bulgur
300 grams of tomato
1 cucumber
1 red Tropea Onion
1 tablespoon of mustard beans
5 sprigs of fresh mint
2 sprigs of fresh basil
E.V.O. Oil Taste
Apple cider vinegar to taste
Salt, pepper and oregano to taste

We heat up 600 ml of water with a little salt and when it starts to boil, let from the heat and Versiamola on the bulgur, Copriamolo with a lid and leave it aside for 30 '. In the meantime, we prepare the condiment of the tabulè so that it can be flavored for good. We dice the tomato and the cucumber and put them in a bowl large enough. Cut the onion into thin slices and add it to the previous ingredients. We grind the basil and the mint and put them in the boule. Add the salt, the pepper, the oregano, the oil, the vinegar and the mustard in grains and mix well all the ingredients to make them amalgamate. As the bulgur cooks, we turn the ingredients in the boule. As soon as the bulgur is ready, let's cool it, then combine it with the other ingredients and mix well. We put in the fridge for an hour or so before serving.
Tips for mise en place:

In A single serving bowl, we put two tablespoons of tabulè, on the top we put some leek ring, a sprig of fresh oregano and a drizzle of raw oil.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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