Bucatini sauce of date and eggplant quail

In the Palermo, the small eggplants are prepared in various ways but, what perhaps everyone prefers, is the so-called "Quagghiciedda" i.e. the eggplant left whole in the head and cut into strips below and then fried. A delicious, surely, but today we will prepare a lighter version in good peace of Palermo purists who crawl the skin to the thought of not throwing it in the oil… We'll twist another ingredient of this typical dish using the date tomato sauce instead of the classic fresh gravy. For the rest no variation also because we have finished the ingredients… Quickly see what we need and the few steps to follow.

Ingredients for 4 people:

450 grams of Bucatini
4 small aubergines
Tomato sauce date to taste
Salted ricotta to taste

First we have to prepare the eggplant quails which are the ones that take more time. We wash the eggplants and priviamole of the top, cut the bottom into eight cloves taking care not to separate any cloves from the eggplant that must always remain whole. Notoriously, these eggplants are rather amarostiche so let's soak them in plenty of water, salt and a glass of vinegar for about an hour. After the hour, you'll notice that the water will have taken a slightly yellowish color. We then drain the eggplants and asciughiamole for good. We cover a teglietta with a wet paper and well wrung out and take action over our quagliette sprinkling with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt and cook them, turning them from time to time, a preheated oven, for about an hour at 190 °. In the meantime we put a pot full of water on the fire and boil it. Just reached the boil saliamola and we put to cook the dough for the time indicated on the package. As soon as the eggplants are cooked and soft, we can churn them out. We drain the pasta and prepare for serve.
Tips for mise en place:

In the center of the dish we place the pasta, add 5-6 tablespoons of tomato sauce date, grate at the moment a generous amount of salted ricotta and complete the dish by reclining over the dough on one side an eggplant quail and on the other a leaf of Fresh basil. A drizzle of oil to raw and we can bring to the table.

We serve well warm and good appetite!!!!!

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