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The baroque, in Sicily, is everywhere. Landscapes, monuments, streets, churches, whatever you look at always suffers from a marked baroque influence. Even at the table the typical Sicilian dishes suffer from this artistic influence. From sweet to salty it is a blaze of colours, decorations and perfumes. A dish that mirrors all these characteristics is, for example, the inborn. Rich in ingredients, perfect combination of agro and sweet and opposite textures, make this a typical example of the artistic and social influence of this region. Typically little light, today Anna, as well as my mother, will try to "sweeten" a little ' the calorie content by replacing the frying with a healthier baking in the pan. Let's see, then, how to proceed.


7 Eggplant
2 onions
400 grams of tomato sauce
3 Ribs of celery
1 tablespoon of almonds
200 grams of green olives
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 Glass of vinegar
Capers, E.V.O. oil and salt to taste


We start by preparing all the ingredients so that it makes the preparation easier and quicker. We wash and cut the eggplants in chunks and put them in the bathroom, with water and salt, for an hour. We slice the onions thin and the ribs of celery to chunks and let's put them aside. Cut the olives in two and priviamole the hazelnut and put these aside too. We coarsely chop the almonds and put them in a bowl.
After the hour, we drain the eggplants and tamponiamole with a cloth to dry them, anoint a baking pan with a drizzle of oil and put in our chunks, add a little ' oil, stir and put in the hot oven to the maximum temperature by turning them from time to time. Let them brown then sforniamole and let's put them aside to cool. Meanwhile, we put the onions to wither with a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt in a pan with lid. When they are ready, add the celery and brown then add the tomato sauce and the olives and cook for about ten minutes by adjusting salt then combine the capers, sugar and half a glass of white vinegar, stir and Let him bake. As soon as it starts to simmer, we will add the eggplants leaving everything to taste for 5 '. Turn off the flame, add the almonds and let it cool. Remember, the cooler the more Buna will be.

Tips for mise en place:

Remember that if light, is still a rich appetizer and therefore better not overdo the quantities. We can serve you in some casseroles to take directly to the table with a fresh basil leaf on top.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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