Crust of bread with Asiago, julienne of hearts of artichokes in oil homemade and tomatoes confit on cream of fava beans and ricotta

Surely now you will be doing the same face that my wife did when I introduced this appetizer… Okay, it seems a little ' gamble, I thought a little about it myself but, in the end, I decided to try. Notoriously, a liquid element and one that absorbs it, do not go so well but the secret or the trick, is toasting the bread. Try it and I will show you that the dish will remain clean like that of my wife…

Ingredients for 4 people:

4 ladles of Cream of fava beans and ricotta
20 cherry tomatoes Confit
5 hearts of artichokes in oil
4 slices of rustic bread
50 grams of Asiago
4 strands of chives
4 sprigs of fresh thyme
E.V.O. Oil Taste

Cut 4 thick slices about an inch of bread and put them to toast under the grill, if possible set at 50% of the power, for 2-3 ' per side. Check it often to avoid burning it, it must be nice crispy and toasted otherwise we risk, putting it over the cream of fava beans and ricotta, which is soaked too much with the consequent problem of consistency. In the meantime, cut some slices of Asiago and put them aside. We cut the artichokes into eight slices and put them aside too. For the preparation of the cream and the tomatoes, we can refer to the links in the list of ingredients. Bake the bread and assemble our crust.
Tips for mise en place:

On the plate we put an abundant ladle of cream of fava beans and ricotta, let's take a crust of bread on which we will put the slices of Asiago that with the warmth melt. Then place the slices of artichoke hearts and complete with confit cherry tomatoes. Decorate the crust with a blade of chives and a sprig of thyme. We complete with a drizzle of oil to raw and serve.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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