Cuttlefish stuffed with bulgur and vegetables

As I often do, I set myself on ingredients, in this case the ' paired bulgur and sepia. I wanted to combine these two ingredients to create a particular dish. So, just at a time, I started to process the recipe and buy the ingredients. Yesterday I took the last one, the cuttlefish, and here is the result. This dish can be used, depending on the amount of cuttlefish you decide to buy, both as an appetizer and as a second. The filling of the cuttlefish will be very fresh thanks to the lemon zest and vegetables, the cuttlefish gives the perfect consistency to every mouthful. Try and let me know, I will, in the meantime, see myself coming up with some other fixation for a new ingredient!

____ _____ Ingredients for 4 people _____-__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____


500 grams of cuttlefish
100 grams of Bulgur
200 ml of water
1 lemon
1 Genoese zucchini
1 carrot
1/2 Onion
1/2 Pepper
1 Glass of brandy
Sweet Paprika and turmeric to taste
A handful of parsley
Salt, pepper and E.V.O. oil Taste

____ _____… ___ _____… __ _____…… _ _____…



Let's heat the water in a small pot with a pinch of salt. As soon as it starts to Simmons, Versiamola on the bulgur, we cover with a lid and put aside for 30 '. Let's start preparing the vegetables. We wash to cut in small cubes the zucchini.



We wash and hair the carrot and we also slice this into small cubes. We do the same with the pepper so we put everything aside. We slice the onion and put it in a pan with a drizzle of oil and let it wither in a gentle heat.



As soon as the onion is ready, add the vegetables and let them jump for about 5 '. As the vegetables cook, we cut the tentacles of the cuttlefish into pieces and put them aside. As soon as the vegetables are ready, we can move on to the next step.

Add the tentacles to the vegetables, combine a little paprika and turmeric and cook for a couple of minutes. After this time, we turn off, add the grated peel of the lemon, salt and pepper and we refine.

Then we join the bulgur which in the meantime will be cooked and the chopped parsley. Amalgamiamo all right and put aside. We begin to prepare the cuttlefish that our fishmonger will have cleaned for us. Let's lay heads on a chopping board and get ready to stuff them.

We put one or two spoons, depending on the size of the cuttlefish, bulgur on the heads prepared earlier then, with the help of some toothpicks, we proceed to the closure of the same. In the frying pan in which we have prepared the filling, add a drizzle of oil, let's heat it up, then let's do it over the cuttlefish and brown from all sides for about 4 '. Smudge with brandy and let evaporate alcohol.

As soon as all the alcohol is evaporated, we turn off the flame and prepare for serve.

_____ Tips for the mise-_____-___-___-__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____


Brush the base of the dish with the black of the cuttlefish, then stick it over the private heads of the toothpicks and complete with tomatoes cut in half and a grated lemon peel.

Enjoy your meal!!!!!

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