Rice Vermicelli with crispy vegetables, red shrimp and eggs

Ok, I got caught up in the EXPO fever… all this talk of cooking from all parts of the world made me want to take a gastronomic trip to the countries of the Rising Sun and try to prepare an oriental-inspired dish, if while preserving A touch of italianity, especially in the use of the main ingredients. We prepare this oriental dish together. Very light and tasty, it will allow us not to have remorse of conscience after having tasted it. Suitable for all palates and anyone who wants to paddle light.

Ingredients for 4 people:

250 grams of rice vermicelli
2 eggs
70 grams of carrots
80 grams of Genoese zucchini
1 shallot
3 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons E.V.O. oil
Chives for decoration

We clean the vegetables, tagliamole and put them aside. Clean the shallot and tagliamolo with washers then put it in a large pan, together with the oil, and let it wither in low flame. Just ready, add the vegetables and a tablespoon of soy sauce and cook, over a brisk fire, for 10 ' so as to leave them crispy. In the meantime we cook the vermicelli by paying attention to the instructions on the packaging because it is easy to scuocerli and make them sticky. In my case they went cooked, in boiling water, for 4 '. While the vermicelli cooks, in a non-stick pan we cook the eggs. We go strapazzandole with the help of a wooden spoon until they are thickened remaining creamy anyway. Scoliamoli a minute before the end of cooking and buttiamoli in the frying pan with vegetables, add the rest of the soy sauce and eggs and blow until the vermicelli changes color and pass from white to brown due to soy sauce. If necessary, let's add cooking water to prevent the dough from sticking. Let them always be moist and don't let them dry. Ready, flatten.
Tips for mise en place:

We quickly transfer the vermicelli into the dishes, add abundant condiment over the latter and garnish with chopped chives and serve. We bring to the table also the soy sauce, which can be added by our diners, according to gusto.

We serve well warm and good appetite!!!!!

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